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At one time or another, we have all experienced the grief of losing a loved one, whether human or fur-baby. We often are at a loss and desire a way to do something to honor their memory. Flowers are nice, but they only last a few days. A plant or tree is nice as well, but are you sure the recipient wants the responsibility of its care? Next time you find yourself in this situation, consider making a tax-deductible donation to "Pet Love, Inc." in memory of your loved one and know that your support allows us to continue sharing our pets love with others in need.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Bonnie & Kristin

Meet Bonnie & Kristin! They are two of Pet Love's newest members, having passed their certification test in March.

Bonnie's story, as told by her owner/handler, Kristin:

Bonnie and her brother Clyde, were dumped at a highway rest stop in the winter of 2005. A nice person picked them up and took them to Metro Animal Services here in Louisville. Bonnie spent several months in foster care before my husband and I fell in love with her after an impromptu visit to Barkstown Doggie Daycare. Now closed, Barkstown fostered and found permanent homes for many Metro dogs.
My husband and I were walking by there one day when we noticed a big sign in the window "Dogs for Adoption". It never hurts to look, right? We officially adopted Bonnie in the spring of 2006 (and yes, Clyde got a home too!).

I have no idea what Bonnie is mixed with, but I can tell you that she definitely has lots of herding characteristics (just ask our three cats)! I would guess Bonnie is an Aussie or German Shepard mix, but she may have some chow with those black spots on her tongue. Her brother has a square head... does anyone see Rottweiler?? Regardless of her muttness, Bonnie is one of the smartest dogs I have ever known. She would be happy to perform one of her many tricks for you. Bonnie also loves to swim and would be a great lifeguard. If you are in the water, she will jump in and bring you to safety.
To keep busy, Bonnie and I have taken classes in agility and obedience. Having worked with animals for over 10 years, I have always been interested in pet therapy. Bonnie has a great disposition with people and I thought she might enjoy working as a therapy dog. I came across Emma's name and signed her up for prep classes. Needless to say, Bonnie passed her test, although she is still in training. I look forward to watching her blossom as a therapy dog.

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